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Current Newsletters

June 2021

Avoid harm on the farm, Cash back on quad bikes, Leptospirosis - it only takes a splash!, Women in the know who can help you grow, Upskill your staff with T, Income equalisation scheme, BE KYND and stay healthy, Key tax dates.


April 2021

New 39% tax rate: what next?, How you can get meaningful client feedback (that doesn't cost the earth), Your step-by-step guide to meaningful customer feedback, Good communication = repeat customers = more profit, Minimum Wage, Tax Calendar - April 2021.

February 2021

Keeping you and your staff pain-free in 2021, Lead by example - be a mental health champion, Implementing health and safety so it sticks, Health & Safety: Do I need help getting it right?, Tax Calendar - February 2021.

June 2020

The jobs budget, Sustaining existing businesses, Job creation, training and retraining, Our Communities

  August 2019
Proof you can profit from going 'eco' on your farm, Agricultural Apprenticeships - are they fruitful?,
Take stock and thrive, Health and Safety: Say it loud and proud to lower the risk, Business Health
Check & Key tax dates
 June 2019
Herd scheme values - Dairy Cows, Herd scheme values - Beef Cows, Herd scheme values - Ewes,
 Herd scheme values - Hinds & General

June 2019
 Budget alert, Building a productive nation, Transforming the economy & Tax and the Budget


 October 2018
My Food Bag shares growth tips and tricks, Grow with the (cash) flow, Financing business growth with
 provisional tax, How anti-money laundering legislation impacts you, Get up to speed - new rules for
 motor vehicles, Business health check & Key tax dates


 August 2018
 What changes will affect my business?, How will the Act change my role as a trustee?, I have a family
 trust, what do I need to do?, Is a family trust right for me?, To claim or not to claim?, Think before you
 leap, Business health check & Key tax dates


Archived Newsletters

June 2018
The fringe issue, Thinking of exporting? Don't just think - act!, Changes to families package, ACC announces
changes to CoverPlus extra, Business health check & Key Dates.

Livestock Alert
Herd scheme values for dairy, beef, sheep and deer.

Budget Special Alert 2018 
Health, Tax, Supporting Innovation - R&D, Compliance Agenda, Provincial Growth Fund, Education and Housing.

April 2018
Feel the love, leaning out the dirty money, Minimum wage increase, Price hike hacks, Is climate change affecting your work?, Business health check, Key Dates.

February 2018
Succession planning for small businesses, New law will make dirty money easier to spot, IRD into Stage Two of Business Transformation, Income tax returns about to get easier, What are the new Government's tax priorities?, Business health check, Key Dates.


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